Conference Program


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Puerta de Toledo Campus

Salón de Grados,

7-8th March 2018. 



 0930-1000hrs: Welcome and Registration

 1000-1015hrs: Opening Remarks

 1015-1115hrs: Session 1—Politics

Chair: Gavin Rae

Conceptualizing Political Non-change: When Do Things Stay the Same?

Martin Beckstein (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Recovering the Problem of Founding in Contemporary Political Thought

Eno Trimçev (Greifswald University, Germany)


 1115-1145hrs: Coffee Break


 1145-1245hrs: Session 2—Psychoanalysis

Chair: Sacha Golob

Sexual Difference and Transformation

Emma Ingala (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)

Law and the Psyche: Lacan and Kristeva on Authority and Transformation

Gavin Rae (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)


1245-1500hrs: Lunch


1500-1630hrs: Session 3—From Existentialism to Poststructuralism

Chair: Emma Ingala

Rethinking Transformation: Sartre, Foucault, and Systemic Change

            Marieke Mueller (King’s College London, England)

Strategies of Transformation in Bataille and Deleuze

            Sacha Golob (King’s College London, England)

Transformation and its limits: Deleuze, Rancière, and the Meaning of Political Change

            Keren Shahar (Tel Aviv University, Israel)


1900hrs: Conference Dinner, Restaurante Ginger, Plaza del Ángel, 12.



0945-1015hrs: Registration and Welcome

1015-1115hrs: Session 4—Ethics and Epistemology

Chair: Emma Ingala

Transformation in Ethics: Malcolm X and the Politics of Self-Determination

            Arun Rasiah (Holy Names University, USA)

Skepticism as a Practice of Epistemological Transformation

            Rico Gutschmidt (University of Konstanz, Germany)


1115-1145hrs: Coffee Break


1145-1315hrs: Session 5—Self and Society

Chair: Rob Jackson

It’s Time for Change—Political Temporalities and Social Transformation

            Miri Rozmarin (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

Oral Transformations: Empire, Ideology, and Indigenous Stories

            Carolyn Eichner (University of Wisconsin, USA)

Beyond Dialectics: Arnold Van Gennep’s ‘Passage’ as a Dynamic Structure

            Nitzan Rothem (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev/Bar Ilan University, Israel)


1315-1530hrs: Lunch


1530-1630hrs: Session 6—Marxism and Beyond

Chair: Miri Rozmarin

A Materialism of Transformations: Practice and Social Change in Marx’s Thought

            Andrés Saenz De Sicilia (University of Roehampton, England)

‘Molecular’ Transformations in Gramsci and Deleuze

            Robert Jackson (Manchester Metropolitan University, England)


1630-1645hrs: Coffee Break


1645-1815hrs: Session 7—Bio-politics

Chair: Marieke Mueller

In Another Life

Kennan Ferguson (University of Wisconsin, USA)

Limits of Identity, Limits of Language: Plasticity as Transformation in Catherine Malabou

Janna Gonwa (Yale University, USA)

From ‘Enemy’ into ‘Adversary’: An Unexamined ‘Conversion’ as the Structure of Chantal Mouffe’s Agonistic Political Theory

Tamara Caraus (University of Bucharest, Romania)


1815-1830hrs: Closing Remarks.


A copy of the conference program can be downloaded here.